Democracy Deficit

Mon Sep 07 2020

The UK parliament is made up of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Members of the Commons are elected using the First Past the Post voting system. Members of the Lords are unelected.

Like Germany, United Kingdom Could be Democratic

Fri Feb 19 2021

The United Kingdom has not moved with the times when it comes to democracy.
First Past the Post has failed the nation.
Proportional Representation is any voting system in which the share of seats a party wins matches the share of votes it receives. There are many different systems of Proportional Representation, but they all aim to make sure seats match votes.

The UK currently uses the primitive First Past the Post voting system – which causes severe problems for voters, our politics and our society. From its definition alone, it’s easy to see how Proportional Representation solves the problems of First Past the Post.

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When will Exporters see Brexit Benefits Ranil?

Sat Jan 23 2021

Twitter user Crondal4Europe asks MP for North East Hampshire, Ranil Jayawardena “When will exporters see the benefits of #Brexit on international trade”? “Crondal” is waiting for a response. Like many Tory MPs, answers are few and far between.

When will exporters see the benefits of #Brexit on international trade?

Where are the opportunities you were discussing with cheese producers back in August?

Simon Spurrell of the Cheshire Cheese Company said. “We managed to get a shipment through to Europe which took SIX days instead of ONE. Rejected because it’s no longer fresh. We’ve paid the carriage to send it out and we have to pay to ship it back. We have to bin the cheese. We have to refund the customer. We also LOSE the customer. It’s a quadruple whammy.
The whole Brexit deal screams of desperation. Johnson is a populist who does not care about the ramifications of what he does, he just wanted a deal – any deal- so he could stay popular. Business is the sacrificial lamb!”

West Country Bylines spoke to Simon Spurrell of the Cheshire Cheese Company and Hartington Dairy today. He’s angry and frustrated… and with total justification. The background to the call follows in Simon’s own Facebook posts shared here. Then we share what he had to say about the Brexit deal, the way his local MPs ( he straddles two constituencies) and government are (not) handling the consequences and what this all means for the future of his important European business.

“Here is the true reality of the not so Free Trade Deal that is hitting my own UK Cheshire Cheese Company business. I have had to cease sending any parcels to the EU this week as they are all being returned, despite the correct paperwork being in place.

Full “West Country Bylines” : article by Anthea Simmons

Quadruple cheese Brexit whammy