Brexit will finish off England

If you understand German and you are English, this will make you cry…

No European country is affected by the corona virus as much as Great Britain. The economy will also suffer massively. Time to avoid Brexit risk? Not with Premier Johnson.

An analysis by Annette Dittert, ARD Studio London

No one has spoken of Brexit on the island since Corona. As if the British themselves had grown tired of the subject. But that should change now. Because at the end of June, the last deadline threatens before leaving the EU. If Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not requested an extension of the transition period by then, the British will be out irrevocably on December 31 of this year, with or without an agreement. And it looks like a “no deal”, a chaotic Brexit without an agreement, is currently the more likely outcome. In spite of Corona and, as absurd as it may sound at first glance, it may be precisely because of this.

The negotiations, which have only been carried out virtually since the virus broke out, are completely stuck. And the mood is more irritable than ever. EU negotiator Michel Barnier, otherwise known for his chronically chilled tone, openly threatened London for the first time at the weekend in the “Sunday Times” with a “no deal”. The British had much more to lose than Brussels, he said.