• Extremely Useful 26 July 2021

    George Orwell wrote:“Oceania was at war with Eurasia; therefore Oceania had always been at war with Eurasia.” The UK conservatives have taken us to war with the European Union because we were always at war. FacebookTweetPinLikeShare1ShareEmail

  • The Way to Shed Europeans 6 July 2021

    Murderous ‘Government’ Professor A.C. Grayling writes : Chilling – the more so for being so close to the current truth of how our murderous ‘government’ sees things, & not just on Covid & refugees, but their entire mindset. Chilling to the point of horrifying. Emma Thompson giving her best Priti Patel impression in the BBC […]

  • 1300 Musicians 11 May 2021

    1,300 musicians celebrate Europe Day 2021 by playing the #EU anthem together online.. June 2016 : 73.3% of us did not vote to leave the European Union. 73.3% is 47,923,540 people! More than the entirety of Spain at 47.3 million. Share your views with other people in North East Hampshire at : North Hampshire for […]

  • This is Orwellion 18 March 2021

    Will Hutton writes : This is Orwellian – an ad in Sunday papers 14/03/2021. It will take at least five years for additional sales of food and drink to Japan to compensate for food and drink sales lost to the EU in January alone. Taxpayers should not be paying for such rank disinformation. Its propaganda […]

  • O2 Post Brexit European Roaming? Not as we know it. 12 March 2021

    Chris Davison writes : O2 March 2021 A colleague received a call on her O2 UK mobile whilst in Austria offering a new, cheaper contract. Asked whether roaming continues following Brexit, she received assurances that : “There are no catches”. The nice O2 lady added “You can see that nothing has changed on our website”. […]

  • Like Germany, United Kingdom Could be Democratic 19 February 2021

    The United Kingdom has not moved with the times when it comes to democracy. First Past the Post has failed the nation. Proportional Representation is any voting system in which the share of seats a party wins matches the share of votes it receives. There are many different systems of Proportional Representation, but they all […]

  • When will Exporters see Brexit Benefits Ranil? 23 January 2021

    Twitter user Crondal4Europe asks MP for North East Hampshire, Ranil Jayawardena “When will exporters see the benefits of #Brexit on international trade”? “Crondal” is waiting for a response. Like many Tory MPs, answers are few and far between. When will exporters see the benefits of #Brexit on international trade? @ranil @TeamRanil Where are the […]

  • Perhaps the Whole System of UK Democracy has been Subverted. 10 January 2021

    On the morning of June 24th 2016, when Brexit had been sold to UK citizens, very few thought that reasonable discussion and argument about the future of the United Kingdom would also be closed down from the same moment. Not listened to, not acknowledged that there may be a better way forward, simply silenced. This […]

  • Led by Donkeys – Thank You 31 December 2020

    Led by Donkeys write : Hi everyone We’d love to be wishing you a happy new year under more hopeful circumstances, but we know for lots of people it’s been a difficult time. The pandemic has caused so much pain, with more challenging months still to come. And today the UK finally, properly, turns its […]

  • Taxpayers Funded ERG Brexit 17 September 2020

    This is the story of how a fringe Conservative party pressure group was transformed into a highly disciplined, secretive party within a party that changed the course of British politics – and how taxpayer money, anonymous private donations and a hidebound parliamentary system helped them do it. In an extract from his new book, Peter […]

  • German TV London Reporter : Shocked 7 September 2020

    Annette Dittert @annettedittert : Senior Correspondent and Bureau Chief ARD German TV London • Foreign Correspondent with ARD since 2000. Warsaw/New York/London files live report of “An absolute bomb dropping” as Johnson threatens to inflict absolute no-deal chaos on “The Island”. FacebookTweetPinLikeShareEmail

  • North East Hampshire Voted Remain 7 September 2020

    The UK parliament is made up of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Members of the Commons are elected using the First Past the Post voting system. Members of the Lords are unelected. FacebookTweetPinLikeShareEmail

  • How long before there are UK disappearances? 7 September 2020

    Belarus: Opposition figure Maria Kolesnikova detained by masked men A prominent opponent of President Alexander Lukashenko has allegedly been seized from the streets of Minsk by masked men in black and taken away in a van. Belarus has been rocked by protests since August 9.   FacebookTweetPinLikeShareEmail

  • Democracy Deficit 7 September 2020

    The UK parliament is made up of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Members of the Commons are elected using the First Past the Post voting system. Members of the Lords are unelected. Replay a recorded VC with two important European commentators.. Presented by Oxford for Europe. FacebookTweetPinLikeShareEmail